Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Building the flock

On Easter my husband and I gave in and bought 6 chicks.  I am very glad that we did.  I think I enjoy them as much as my kids.  We have 2 rhode islands, 2 barred rocks and 2 araucanas.  We look forward to egg time, which we hope will begin at the end of summer.   We have bets on which chick will produce the most.  Bets are on our rhode island named Easter. She never leaves the food trough.  She has been found sleeping on the trough.  They have also enjoyed a good game of chase the cricket.  Crickets and meal worms are suppose to be good for them. We have to start plans for a coop.  There are many opportunists around here.  For that reason we have decided against free ranging.  This is all new territory.  Thankfully they have proven to be pretty easy so far.  We would welcome any advise!

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