Thursday, January 29, 2009


A man or woman willing to selflessly sacrifice their entire being for the greater good. Have you recently taken the time to thank a man or woman serving our country? Over the years it seems that some people have lost sight of what these men and women do and have done for our country. While growing up I had no ties to military. I was one of those people that had no grasp on how or why we are able to enjoy such freedom. Marrying my husband opened my eyes to what I had been missing all of those years. Everyone in his family serves or has served. My husband was in the army in the late 80s, his oldest brother is retiring this year, his next brother still flies refueling jets and his youngest brother works with a bomb sniffing dog in the Coast Guard. In 2006 his 57 year old mother joined the army. She works as a scrub nurse and will be going to Iraq in March. She is a true inspiration. I am proud to be surrounded by such an amazing family. A great way to show your support for these fine men and women is to look into

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